Guardianship Services You Can Rely On: Integrity, Trust, Consistency.

Tawanda Y. Sanders-Williams MS,CEAP


As court-appointed guardians, we are responsible for managing our clients' day-to-day affairs. This includes healthcare decision-making and legal advocacy for their rights. We prioritize accountability by maintaining accurate records while communicating to the courts on a regular basis.
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Aging Life Services

Care Coordination
Advocacy and Support
Assessment and Planning
Emotional and Mental Health Support
Education and Resources
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Care Management

CEG recognizes that our clients' well-being is dependent on a network of support. We engage with healthcare experts, social workers, and community organizations to coordinate care, access required resources, and give our clients an uninterrupted cycle of support.
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Power of Attorney

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Elder Care Resources

CEG works for seniors' rights and offers assistance during times of transition or crisis. They're a reliable resource, providing advice on legal issues, insurance issues, and long-term care possibilities.
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CEG is deeply committed to giving back to the community. We participate in community workshops and seminars to increase awareness about mental health and well-being. Through collaboration with schools, organizations, and community centers, CEG works to reduce the stigma associated with mental health difficulties and to foster a culture of empathy and understanding.
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Frequently Asked Questions